Why working festivals is the best thing you can do with your summer on a budget

Why would you work a festival rather than pay to attend? The answer seems obvious, because it’s cheaper right? Well actually I’m headed to my favourite festival in a few months and I can afford to buy a ticket but I’d rather work as a part of the team. BY EMILY JONES Being festival crew […]

Quick Fire Questions about travel with student Theo Osborn

Theo is currently in his third year at the University of Lincoln studying Journalism, and he loves to travel. Plus, he hasn’t always lived in England. When he was about 7-years-old, his entire family relocated to Cyprus, where he lived for four and a half years – he even had to go to a Cypriote […]

“I didn’t know whose vomit it was, I couldn’t remember…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England “It was our first night in Miami, so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We’d gotten a flight from Boston, MA to Miami, FL for the third part of our travels. Our friend Chris, who we met at summer camp, lived in Miami and so he picked us […]

“From now on I’ll always avoid eye contact with people on planes…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England “I was on the flight back from America all alone, and a few times already I had noticed this woman to the aisle on my right kicking up a bit of a fuss over nothing. I figured she was one of those self-importants. Anyway, about 2 hours into the flight, the […]

She started travelling because her friend dropped out of a trip | Why I travel

She’s a 22-year-old psychology graduate, blogger, freelance writer, travel lover, chocolate addict who claims she loves elephants more than people. Since her first experience of solo travel in 2015, Hannah Copcutt now writes about her experiences with travelling as well as tips she’s learned along the way. Despite this, she has a fear of flying, she’s so convenient like that. Have a read of Hannah’s thoughts and reflections about why she travels.

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7 signs you know your friend is still not over summer camp

1) They suddenly have messages from zillions of people. Okay not that many, but more than usual. Particularly on Snapchat. 2) They’re tagged in new photos of camp meet-ups in different cities. You don’t even know where they are right now.   3) They still say the odd American word. As a born and bred […]