Travel Tattoos – everything you need to know

Nearly everyone you meet while travelling either has travel tattoos or wants them. I’ve got two so far and I’m saving up for a third. So what’s my advice when trying to pick your first tattoo? BY EMILY JONES 1. Meaning For me, I would only want something inked on my body if it has […]


One of the For Real Travel team has just visited Italy for a week, seeing some world-famous tourist sights in Rome, Florence and Pisa… This 30 second city guide trailer shows just a small portion of what Olivia got up to – FULL Italy vlog coming soon!  

What I wish I had been told when I moved to a foreign country: as told by a Norwegian

There’s a lot of preparation to be done before moving to another country, but what I have learnt is that no matter how much you prepare in advance, you just can’t be fully prepared for everything that comes your way. And what I found most difficult after having moved abroad to England was (quite unexpectedly) […]

Quick Fire Questions about travel with student Theo Osborn

Theo is currently in his third year at the University of Lincoln studying Journalism, and he loves to travel. Plus, he hasn’t always lived in England. When he was about 7-years-old, his entire family relocated to Cyprus, where he lived for four and a half years – he even had to go to a Cypriote […]

“I didn’t know whose vomit it was, I couldn’t remember…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England “It was our first night in Miami, so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We’d gotten a flight from Boston, MA to Miami, FL for the third part of our travels. Our friend Chris, who we met at summer camp, lived in Miami and so he picked us […]

“From now on I’ll always avoid eye contact with people on planes…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England “I was on the flight back from America all alone, and a few times already I had noticed this woman to the aisle on my right kicking up a bit of a fuss over nothing. I figured she was one of those self-importants. Anyway, about 2 hours into the flight, the […]

Handmade Chic blogger compares China and the Philippines | Therese Glenn

She runs The Handmade Chic and loves anything to do with home, arts, crafts, food and travel. Therese is a native Filipino but lives in China with her American husband, and they love to travel. She spoke to For Real Travel about why she left the Philippines, what her reasons were and what cultural differences you […]

7 things that bring you back to reality after travelling

1) All the offers and updates you still get emailed from the places you had to sign up for to get free WiFi.     2) There’s just no noise at home. Like, none. It’s dead quiet now there’s nothing going on.     3) You’re not the same. Some of your friends back home […]