Living in Spain: Expectation Vs Reality

BY EMILY JONES Expectation – Sunshine and sangria every day Reality – It was February so no sunshine until April and it was cold wet and grey. Expectation – People would be super impressed with my Spanish Reality – As soon as I open my mouth people just talk to me in English and don’t […]

A Norwegian’s Experience living in England and eating English food: Expectations vs Reality

I think most international students can agree on this – getting used to the food in a foreign country isn’t easy. In my (almost) three years in England, I’ve definitely been met with some weird food experiences, and I promise you I won’t be holding back. Here’s what happens when a Norwegian student has to […]

7 things that bring you back to reality after travelling

1) All the offers and updates you still get emailed from the places you had to sign up for to get free WiFi.     2) There’s just no noise at home. Like, none. It’s dead quiet now there’s nothing going on.     3) You’re not the same. Some of your friends back home […]