Tips from a Madrileña

EMILY JONES gives her top tips on how to have the perfect weekend in Madrid. We can definitely tell she’s a foodie! 1. Sangria This has to be at the top of the list. Sangria is my all time favourite drink and if you’re going to Spain it is a must. The best sangria in […]

“I didn’t know whose vomit it was, I couldn’t remember…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England “It was our first night in Miami, so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We’d gotten a flight from Boston, MA to Miami, FL for the third part of our travels. Our friend Chris, who we met at summer camp, lived in Miami and so he picked us […]

“Where’s Waddy?!”

Niall, 21, Halifax, England “This story isn’t something that happened to me, but something I witnessed. So on the day we were leaving Magaluf, we were waiting for the coach when we saw somebody getting dragged off by the police. We just kept our distance. Then when we got on the coach, we ended up […]

“I got hospitalised in Zante”

Liam, 21, Birmingham, England “I got hospitalised on holiday in Zante, so that wasn’t great. I still don’t actually know what happened, but I think I had alcohol poisoning or my drink maybe got spiked because it was just horrendous. Yeah it really sucked. We’d been out drinking but I felt fine until I got […]