Tips from a Madrileña

EMILY JONES gives her top tips on how to have the perfect weekend in Madrid. We can definitely tell she’s a foodie! 1. Sangria This has to be at the top of the list. Sangria is my all time favourite drink and if you’re going to Spain it is a must. The best sangria in […]

Living in Spain: Expectation Vs Reality

BY EMILY JONES Expectation – Sunshine and sangria every day Reality – It was February so no sunshine until April and it was cold wet and grey. Expectation – People would be super impressed with my Spanish Reality – As soon as I open my mouth people just talk to me in English and don’t […]

A journey to speaking Spanish…

Learning a language has been my goal many, many times. In secondary school, we had compulsory French classes – one hour a day, four times a week for which I miraculously managed to get a B grade. Looking back now, I definitely should have paid more attention and actually engaged in the lessons, but the […]

Saudi Arabia and its laws, customs and clothes

In July 2017, it was reported that a female model from Saudi Arabia known only as “Khulood” was filmed walking the streets of Ushaiqer in a crop top, shorts and trainers. She was arrested by Riyadh police for ‘disrespecting and violating the teachings of Islam’ as foreign and local women in the country are expected to wear loose-fitting clothes.


Most women cover their hair and face with a black veil, although there are exceptions for visiting dignitaries. It wasn’t long before the woman was freed, “after she told investigators that the video was posted on social media without her knowledge”. However, despite some conflicting opinions and the backlash surrounding the arrest, it’s worth researching the culture and customs you are supposed to follow in countries such as Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.


Photo by SofieLayla Thal (Pixabay user)

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