Living in Spain: Expectation Vs Reality

BY EMILY JONES Expectation – Sunshine and sangria every day Reality – It was February so no sunshine until April and it was cold wet and grey. Expectation – People would be super impressed with my Spanish Reality – As soon as I open my mouth people just talk to me in English and don’t […]

Mamma Mia holiday with dolphins

Emily, 21, Shropshire, England “So for my Mum’s 50th birthday, we decided to go on a family holiday to the Greek island, Skiathos. Why Skiathos you say? Well from this particular Greek island you can take a boat tour of all of the main beaches used to shoot the film Mamma Mia. Since this is […]

“I accidentally attended someone’s beach wedding”

Olivia, 21, Hull, England “I was on a family holiday with some of our family friends in Turkey, and one of the days we all went to a beach. Well it was a sort of beach, but it was more a lagoon as it wasn’t open waters. There was a bar, deck chairs, hammocks, water […]