“This man started screaming at us in German…”

Maria, 22, Hull, England “We were in Berlin on a school trip in year 10, and it has to be the best trip we had at school. Seeing the Reichstag, the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate to name a few… incredible. Anyway, on one of the days, we went to a Christmas […]

“My sister and I nearly drowned”

Maria, 21, Hull, England “My sister, Bella, and I nearly drowned at Prassonissi in Rhodes when we were about 9. The sea was the roughest we’d been in the whole holiday, but we were strong swimmers and on teams so we thought we’d be okay. There were really large waves but we could manage with […]

“My boyfriend ate too much in Lindos and put on a stone”

Maria, 21, Hull, England “Honestly the food in Lindos is like nowhere else. My boyfriend, James, actually put on a stone over the two weeks we were there – the food was just so good. The quality and taste I’ve not experienced anywhere else on any of my travels. Greek or Mediterranean food is the […]