Why moving to Spain was definitely a challenge…

BY EMILY JONES Moving to Spain was definitely a challenge, but unlike the other people I met, I arrived in Madrid with a basic grasp of Spanish. I studied the language at GCSE and tried to take it as an A-level, however, after only three months I dropped the class because I felt it was […]

Why working festivals is the best thing you can do with your summer on a budget

Why would you work a festival rather than pay to attend? The answer seems obvious, because it’s cheaper right? Well actually I’m headed to my favourite festival in a few months and I can afford to buy a ticket but I’d rather work as a part of the team. BY EMILY JONES Being festival crew […]

Why my solo trip on a quick city break to Copenhagen gave me the best day ever

One of the best days of my life was when I went travelling alone for the first time. I impulsively booked a two-day trip to Copenhagen, a part of Europe I had always wanted to see. BY EMILY JONES I arrived on a Thursday night and headed straight to my hostel. My Danish friend, Emilia, […]

Summer camp – what is the process really like?

You may have dreams of going to an American summer camp this year, but how practical is it? And how long does the process really take? Read more about Summer camp – what is the process really like?

10 reasons why you should consider camping

Camping has been around for a long while and it is still a popular way to go on holiday. It is a unique experience which is unlike any other way of spending your holiday and is definitely something people should try at least once in their lives. So here are nine reasons why you should consider going camping.
by HANNAH BROWN Read more about 10 reasons why you should consider camping

Adrenaline activities described badly

If you’re thinking about taking a gap year, or even just a short trip to blow off steam, you might be inclined to delve into the world of extreme sports. It’s not one for the faint hearted, so we’ve summarised it for you… pretty badly. Read more about Adrenaline activities described badly