Saudi Arabia and its laws, customs and clothes

In July 2017, it was reported that a female model from Saudi Arabia known only as “Khulood” was filmed walking the streets of Ushaiqer in a crop top, shorts and trainers. She was arrested by Riyadh police for ‘disrespecting and violating the teachings of Islam’ as foreign and local women in the country are expected to wear loose-fitting clothes.


Most women cover their hair and face with a black veil, although there are exceptions for visiting dignitaries. It wasn’t long before the woman was freed, “after she told investigators that the video was posted on social media without her knowledge”. However, despite some conflicting opinions and the backlash surrounding the arrest, it’s worth researching the culture and customs you are supposed to follow in countries such as Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.


Photo by SofieLayla Thal (Pixabay user)

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Where are those swings in the sea?

Ever since Perrie Edwards from Little Mix posted this photo to her Instagram, we fell in love with the ‘swing in the ocean’. So where are they and how can you go on them? Turns out there are quite a few.f


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Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a popular tourist hub, and Japan’s second biggest metropolitan area after Tokyo is home to around nine million people. It is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture, and there’s WiFi, fluently multi-lingual people and a lot to do – what more do you need? Whether you’re travelling alone or you’re going with people, here are some things you can do during your visit. Read more about Osaka, Japan