Living in Spain: Expectation Vs Reality


Expectation – Sunshine and sangria every day

Reality – It was February so no sunshine until April and it was cold wet and grey.

Expectation – People would be super impressed with my Spanish

Reality – As soon as I open my mouth people just talk to me in English and don’t understand my Spanish.

Expectation – Sunbathing by the pool and swimming every day.

Reality – The pools don’t open until May because Spanish people think 25 degrees isn’t warm enough to sunbathe.

Expectation – To make lots of Spanish friends.

Reality – Most of my friends were either English or from another European country. Erasmus students stick together!

Expectation – To spend lots of money on drinking

Reality – You can get A BOTTLE OF WINE FOR 1 EURO. If you spend any more than 5 euros on a bottle of wine you are buying super fancy stuff.

Expectation – Eat amazing Spanish food every day and not miss boring English food.

Reality – THERE IS NO GRAVY IN THE WHOLE OF SPAIN. Anytime someone went home or a family member came to visit they HAD to bring gravy granules.

Expectation – To have a steamy romance with a Spaniard

Reality – Spanish guys are SHORT. I’m only 5”5’ but most Spanish guys are shorter than me 🙁 and their pickup lines are more sleazy than romantic.

Expectation – To come home as a tanned goddess

Reality – The tan lasted about 8 weeks before I was back to a lovely shade of casper white.

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