Why working festivals is the best thing you can do with your summer on a budget

Why would you work a festival rather than pay to attend? The answer seems obvious, because it’s cheaper right? Well actually I’m headed to my favourite festival in a few months and I can afford to buy a ticket but I’d rather work as a part of the team.

Being festival crew not only do I get fed, camping and cooking have never really gone together for me, but I also get to be on the inside of the event. I get to know the rest of the crew and the organisers and feel a part of the whole festival. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re on the inside.

Most festivals have volunteer programmes where you work around 5-8 hours a day and get your ticket and meals paid for. Last year I worked in the café at Buddhafield festival, it was so much fun it mostly didn’t feel like work at all. I was on the breakfast shift so I only had to work until 1pm and then I was free to listen to music and attend workshops.

You have to be a free spirit to go to Buddhafield. The festival is totally environmentally friendly, vegetarian and it’s also no drugs or alcohol. It’s an amazing experience because everyone you meet is so genuinely nice, and it’s not because they’re drunk they just actually want to talk to you or give you a hug. Listening to music without anyone stepping on you or throwing up is actually more fun than drinking.

The outdoor showers and female urinals do take a little getting used to, but by the end of the festival, the vibe of the place just has you on a completely natural high and you never want to leave. I couldn’t believe how many friends I made last year and I can’t wait to go back again!


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