Travel Tattoos – everything you need to know

Nearly everyone you meet while travelling either has travel tattoos or wants them. I’ve got two so far and I’m saving up for a third. So what’s my advice when trying to pick your first tattoo?

1. Meaning

For me, I would only want something inked on my body if it has meaning to me. If you want a purple striped octopus because it’s funny then why not? At the end of the day, it’s you that has to live with what you choose, so as long as you know you won’t regret it then get whatever the hell you want.

I knew I wouldn’t regret something that had meaning to me so I got a turquoise dragonfly. Turquoise because it’s my favourite colour and a dragonfly because I lived on a boat for 6 years when I was growing up and in the summer I used to chase the dragonflies across the roof of the boat. Soppy I know, but I love the tattoo.

My second tattoo was of the monument in the centre of Madrid. I lived there for 5 months and had the time of my life. Even if I go back to Madrid in the future and have an awful time, I’m still going to look at my tattoo and remember living abroad for the first time.

2. Research

You want someone who is going to do a good job so if you are abroad ask anyone you meet who has a nice tattoo where they got it done. It’s a great conversation starter when you’re travelling and a way to make friends. Also if someone else has recommended a tattoo artist then you’ll probably feel more confident. Otherwise, you can just go online and look at reviews.

3. Money

It hurts to say it, but if it’s going to last a lifetime you might as well do it properly. You’re better off forking out the money for a good artist than paying for laser surgery later.

4. Location

I went for tattoos in places that I can show off if I want to, but I could easily hide in a job interview. Your future boss might be totally fine with tattoos but just in case maybe don’t get a forehead one until you’re set in a job and know it’s ok. My advice for a first tattoo is get it somewhere discreet, you can get more obvious ones later but for now, maybe go for a body or leg tattoo. If you’re braver arm ones are good because you can wear long sleeves if you need to.

5. Don’t go with a fad

When I was 13 I liked Twilight, I mean really liked it. If I could have gotten a twilight tattoo then I probably would have. Which would be a slight problem now I’m 21. Make sure whatever you get it’s something you’ll still like in 30 years time. I know you might really love Justin Bieber but is 50 year old you on the beach still going to feel the same as you do now?


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