Mamma Mia holiday with dolphins

Emily, 21, Shropshire, England

“So for my Mum’s 50th birthday, we decided to go on a family holiday to the Greek island, Skiathos. Why Skiathos you say? Well from this particular Greek island you can take a boat tour of all of the main beaches used to shoot the film Mamma Mia. Since this is my mum’s favourite film it was the perfect way to spend her birthday. The boat of course played ABBA music for the entire day and the tour guide gave us all the information about each beach and bay and how they were used in the film.

Later the same day we also headed to the open-air cinema to watch Mamma Mia itself. Sitting under the stars was a great way to spend the evening, and the staff even dressed up and sang along with the musical.

One day of the holiday I went with my dad on a yacht trip out into the sea to visit some secluded nearby beaches and an underwater cave. On the way back we bumped into a pod of at least 30 dolphins, the captain said usually he only sees around two dolphins a year. It was easily the most amazing thing I have experienced.”


Take a look at the dolphins below:

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