What I wish I had been told when I moved to a foreign country: as told by a Norwegian

There’s a lot of preparation to be done before moving to another country, but what I have learnt is that no matter how much you prepare in advance, you just can’t be fully prepared for everything that comes your way. And what I found most difficult after having moved abroad to England was (quite unexpectedly) the food.


I had no idea that an English diet would be so different from my familiar Norwegian one, and it really took me by surprise when I went to supermarkets to do a food shop. There wasn’t a Norwegian brand in sight, and even something as simple as picking up a packet of butter became a difficult task.

I honestly had no idea what brand to go for – and as I’m not the most daring person when it comes to trying new food, I ended up just purchasing whatever looked the most familiar, which in my case was a piece of the darkest bread I could find, cheese, raspberry-jam and Danish salami. Shopping for possible dinner ingredients was an even more daring task, so in the first two or three weeks, I honestly think I lived off toast, which was not a very filling or protein-rich option.

Thankfully though, I did quickly realise that I needed to embrace the English food and try new things, but I wish I had been prepared for the difference at the start and dared to be a bit more adventurous in my food choices. If you’re wondering, I’m now (almost three years later) quite fond of the English food and I have definitely become addicted to some weird things while living in a foreign country.


Here’s a list of the British food I’m loving a bit too much at the moment:

Quiche – I’m not even embarrassed to say it, I love a good quiche of the day.

Chips – the takeaway ones are the best!

Baked beans – as a student in the UK, I’ve learnt that it’s honestly nothing that doesn’t go with a can of baked beans.

Rice pudding – we do have rice pudding in Norway, but the English brands are so affordable and I love how you have so many different flavours to choose from.



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