“I lost my all my luggage…”

Theresa, 23, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

“I lost my luggage on a class-trip to Rome and it was all my fault… To take you back to the very beginning of the story, our journey towards Italy and Rome started very early in the morning. As this embarrassing incident happened over three years ago, I can’t remember the exact time, but I can tell you as much as it was at some ungodly hour.

So, sleep deprived as I was, all I could think of after having arrived at the airport was being rid of my heavy suitcase as soon as possible. I quickly got my eyes on one of the ticket machines, and as it wasn’t the first time I was to travel abroad, I knew the drill (or at least I thought I did). Some of my classmates had already put the tags on their suitcases, so I hurried to do the same, not really looking at what had actually been printed (which was a big mistake). Blissfully unaware that I would five hours later be stood with the luggage carousel, tears in my eyes, I sent my suitcase off at the self-check-in.

When it became evident that my pink suitcase wouldn’t arrive, I couldn’t believe it, and as my teacher guided me to the lost luggage help desk, all that stopped me from crying was the annoyance I felt towards the airport staff back home that surely had done a mistake.

I was asked to show the part of the suitcase-tag you rip off (in case you lose your luggage), and I hurried to grab it out of my pocket, feeling the heat rise to my face as the three of us could see that it was completely blank. This should have been some sort of realisation for me, but I still didn’t think that I was to blame for my suitcase being lost.

Long story short, my suitcase was thankfully found and brought to the hotel on the second day there, and when looking at the suitcase-tag, the realisation of what had happened finally hit me. As you have probably guessed by now, yes… It was also, completely blank. Except for some sort of barcode, there was no writing that revealed my end destination.

I was very embarrassed and felt like such an idiot at the time, but when looking back at it, the incident has definitely taught me a lot. Honestly, no matter how many times you have travelled by plane, always check that your suitcase-tag has the correct details before placing it on your luggage.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologise to the airport staff for my annoyed thoughts, my suitcase getting lost that day was entirely my fault.”

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