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Within 5 minutes of our conversation, she wants to quash the belief that Norwegians wear shorts in winter – here’s more about Theresa Sande.


Age: 23

Where from: The west coast of Norway

How old were you when you first left the country: When I was seven years old I travelled to Sweden with my family. It was just over the border, but as I loved to tell my friends back then “it’s still another country.”

How many countries travelled: If I don’t count my home country (which you’re probably not allowed to do), then it’s nine altogether.

Favourite place/country: That’s a very difficult question, but at the moment I think I have to say England. 

Why? My three years at the University of Lincoln in England has been such an amazing experience, so no matter where I end up after graduating, England will always be very special to me.

Next trip? Because of a very busy university schedule, I haven’t been able to travel around in the UK as much as I had hoped, so the next trip I have planned is Scotland. My boyfriend and I want to travel up to Edinburgh and maybe Stonehaven in May, so I really hope we can book it soon.

Bucket list? I don’t really have a well thought out bucket list, but I definitely want to travel more within Europe. Switzerland and Austria look amazing, so that’s high up on the list! And, if I wanted to go bigger, New Zealand would be a dream destination.

What stops you from travelling? Money and time… So, hopefully, I’ll get to travel more when I’m older and more stabilised career-wise.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? That’s easy! Chicken Souvlaki at a restaurant in Santorini. The meal was out of this world amazing and my friends and I did actually go back there three nights in a row instead of trying new places (I’m honestly getting hungry just thinking about it). If you haven’t tried Greek food, it’s worth the trip just for the tasteful experience!

No. 1 road-trip song? I think I have to go for a cheesy classic; Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. It’s bound to become a sing-along and bring the right mood for a trip, and as it’s from the Disney film Cars soundtrack, it can’t get more road tripping than that.



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