“I was attacked by bees!”

Sam, 20, Lincoln, England

“We were going to Nottingham for a trip. As soon as we were there, it was straight for the trees to climb. Knowing I was in for some serious climbing, I brought a water bottle with me. But within a minute, disaster struck.

Barely one foot had stepped on the tree trunk when I dropped my bottle onto the ground. Of course, it is my luck that where my bottle had landed happened to be a bees nest, and they clearly were not grateful for it.

Before I had even noticed them, I felt a stinging sensation across my whole body. My instincts told me to run before my schoolmate screamed my name. The bees had pounced.

The sight of me sprinting down the hill waving my arms around and shouting for help whilst slapping myself to clear the bees was probably a funny one, but being that kid was humiliating.

It turns out around 50 bees had reacted to me. I had around 30 stings all over my legs, arms and on my chest. It was the worst.”

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I'm from Yorkshire in England so you can imagine I love drinking well-brewed tea. Lots of tea. I also love to travel and have adventures, while taking photos to capture the moment.

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