“I got everything robbed in Valencia”

Shocked. That’s what we were when we received a tweet from @ telling us her travel story: “I got everything robbed in Valencia”. Here’s what happened.



What happened? We had decided to spend Christmas with my family in Spain. It was the first Christmas with my new boyfriend, now fiancé. We decided to drive down and do a road trip stopping off at big cities like Paris, Barcelona, and then Valencia, Spain being one. We had stayed overnight in Valencia and loved it. Valencia is very close to our new home in Spain so we felt like we trusted it. Everywhere else we parked in CCTV carparks. I had been to the restaurant we were going to go to the beach before and they do a great paella. I suggested before driving to Alicante that we grab a paella. An hour tops. So we parked on the beach car park (stupidly all of our stuff was in the boot and a few things on the back seat) when we returned 40 mins later the window was smashed and everything was gone. Clothes. Christmas presents. iPads. Cameras. Laptops. The lot.


Where were you? We were in Valencia, Spain and it happened in the middle of the day at around 13:30.


How long had you been there? We had been travelling for 5 days. We had stopped in Paris, Toulouse and Valencia.


Do you remember the moment? We walked back and saw a car smashed. I said to my fiancé “hey that looks like our car!” Then he said, “that is our car” he then punched the car and I sat on the floor crying. A random passerby walked past and I grabbed him and asked for help. He led us to the nearest police station and helped us file a report


What was your immediate response? Cry and scatter around the car to see if anything had been left. The odd present was there though they had been unwrapped. I also called my mum and dad.


What were you like after calmed down? Sat in police station filing report. Explained what happened. We hoovered the glass and drove down to Alicante. It took a while to calm down I cried the entire way to Alicante.


Have you learnt anything from the experience? Never get too comfortable in a place. Always park a car in a CCTV car park, even though they can be pricey! Account this into travelling costs. Avoid having ANYTHING on show and don’t get mad at each other when things go wrong. Don’t blame the other person. Instead work together and fix it!

Nothing like this had happened to us before so it definitely shook us up. Since then, we’ve only really recently had a crazy landlady steal our deposit, but other than that nothing else like that has happened thankfully! It definitely caused some tension at the time, but it definitely made us stronger. If you see each other in a dark place and fight it together, you can get through anything!

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