“Our teachers got us lost on the moors!”

(This photo was taken at Haworth this year)

Olivia, 22, Hull, England

“We were in college on a trip to Haworth. Haworth is known as Brontë-country as it was the home of the incredible literature writers who we were studying in class.

The day trip there was going really well; we’d eaten, been in a few shops, gone for a little walk, made it to the Brontë Parsonage where we had a look around and was given a talk to further our studies etc. Then came to the Moors.

Our teachers thought it would be extra fun to take us out on the fields so vital to the Brontës’ lives. Bearing in mind it was a cold, chilly day in February, we walked and walked and walked, until everyone stopped – including the teachers.

They had no idea where we were. We were completely surrounded by grass and couldn’t work out how to get back. In the end I think we ended up rushing to get back to our bus on time!”


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