“If you know me, you know I have a fear of pigeons…”

Olivia, 22, Hull, England

Okay, so people that know me, know that I have a fear of pigeons. Now I don’t care what you say or think about that, they are scary creatures.

So it came as a little surprise to me on a family holiday to Italy, that, St Marks Square in Venice would be full of them. And I mean full. There wasn’t a single way I could walk around completely freely and explore the area without going through a sizeable flock of pigeons at some point, so obviously that got me panicking. I did manage it when the time came though, maintaining a solid distance between myself and the beasts.

I’m one of those people that has an expressional face, so nothing is hidden (Please see exhibit A on the left, a photo taken mid-pigeon encounter). Hence why my panic and stress in manoeuvring around the birds gifted me with plenty of facial expressions for people to enjoy – I caught a few people smiling as though to empathise with my struggle… Maybe they were just laughing at me.

The scariest part of the ordeal was when I hear a bang, and suddenly a gazillion pigeons rose up in unison and flew straight in my direction. I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and ducked. I know, how EMBARRASSING. The sky went completely black for a moment but then there were fewer pigeons. It was a glorious moment.”


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I'm from Yorkshire in England so you can imagine I love drinking well-brewed tea. Lots of tea. I also love to travel and have adventures, while taking photos to capture the moment.

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