“This man started screaming at us in German…”

Maria, 22, Hull, England

“We were in Berlin on a school trip in year 10, and it has to be the best trip we had at school. Seeing the Reichstag, the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate to name a few… incredible.

Anyway, on one of the days, we went to a Christmas market and were told we could separate from the group as long as we stayed this side of the traffic lights and met back up with everyone at a specific time.

So my friends and I went our way to explore and after a while tried to meet up with some other friends who we left at the start. We were in the middle of the marketplace, turned around and suddenly this man in a wheelchair (it looked as though he only had one leg) started hurtling towards us, full of speed, aggressively pumping his walking stick in the air and screaming in German – so we couldn’t understand him anyway.

It was really ironic at the time as we’d been told all about “stranger danger”! Safe to say we didn’t stay around to find out what he wanted.”

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