This girl set up a Facebook group to bring like-minded travellers together

Last year, 20-year-old Jess McGuire set up a Facebook group. She was on a mission to find likeminded girls who wanted to travel the world. For Real Travel had a quick chat with her about it!



For most people, planning an around the world trip is a crazy idea. To quit your job to do it would be someone’s idea of a nightmare and completely irrational thinking – not for this girl.

So she took to Facebook to get it done. Currently residing in Lincolnshire, she created a group called “Around the world trip!” and quickly enough she had her first response. Then another. And then many more. She soon found she had nearly 50 members.

It is a closed group, but open to anyone who’s interested in travelling around the world. It states “In April 2018 I am hoping to plan around the world trip with girls that share the same passion for wanting to travel. I will be quitting my current job to pursue this dream and this group will be mostly for planning and discussions on how to make it happen!”


Jess’s Facebook group page.


Up until now, she didn’t really feel comfortable with other travel alternatives. She had considered going to a summer camp, but it wouldn’t be doable alongside her job. It would require taking off too many days, as a summer camp can work out spending up to 3 months accross the pond including travel afterwards, so she wouldn’t have enough leave with the job she currently has.

Jess told For Real: “I wanted to travel and I knew that none of my friends share the same passion. My parents understandably had concerns about me going alone, so making this group to find like-minded women who wanted to achieve the same thing and perhaps were in a similar situation themselves not only was something that my parents were more comfortable with but also ensured that I didn’t have to do it alone!”

She continued: “I have only travelled with family and been on some small weekend trips with friends before, so travelling to another country with essentially a group of people I don’t really know is an entirely new experience.”


If you’re in a similar position to Jess and need some travel buddies, you can find the Facebook group here.



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