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He was supposed to be going into Year 4 in England when he was told he was moving to Cyprus. Due to language barriers – a.k.a he couldn’t speak Greek – he was transferred back to Year 2 in his new school in Cyprus – here’s more about Theo Osborn.


Age: 20

Where from: Chelmsford, England.

How old were you when you first left the country: Very young, before I can remember. But the first trip I remember abroad was to Rhodes.

How many countries travelled: About 10 excluding lots of Greek Islands!

Favourite place/country: Copenhagen.

Why? I think it was more so the experience than the place. Everything seemed to come together, including accidentally walking into their countries’ largest annual festival free of charge.

Next trip? To Dublin for a few days, followed by Berlin in the summer.

Bucket list? Asia and South America are top of the bucket list. I’d love to go to Japan and random places in South America like Colombia and Peru.

What stops you from travelling? Money is a huge thing. As soon as I’ve got the money I’m planning my next trip. As far as going to South America my problem is finding people to go with, it’s very dangerous to go alone and my friends are all too scared to go.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? The lemon cheesecake from a stall on Paper Island in Copenhagen redeveloped my taste buds.

No. 1 road-trip song? When I go away with friends we find a different song from each country. For Holland it’s Lil KleineZeg Dat Niet (Jack Shirak Remix) but for Denmark its KesiMamacita or Third WorldLagos Jump.




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