Budget travel tips for a city break



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Use incognito mode

To find the cheapest flights and ensure they don’t increase in price overnight, make sure to use incognito mode when looking at airline websites. These websites will save your cookies, meaning it will know which flights you’ve been looking at and raise the prices of select journeys seeing as they know you’re interested – so make sure it doesn’t save any cookies!

One of the best websites to use for flights is Skyscanner, which will browse all flight companies for your chosen journey and find the cheapest one for you.


Eat on a budget

Don’t go and spend £50 a day on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go out to a bakery or shop and get a nice fresh breakfast for cheap.

As for lunch, your best bet is to go to a shop and get some crisps and a snack or get some fries or a nice side snack from a stall to make sure you don’t spend an arm and a leg on food again.

In every city there are cheap places to eat, you just have to find them! So don’t be fooled by the expensive restaurants close to the city centre. Venture out a 5-10 minute walk and you can save yourself a lot of money on dinner.



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Book upfront

Make sure to book tickets and admissions etc. well in advance, but prices for a free cancellation hotel will be significantly higher than they will be if you confirm the booking and commit without an option to opt-out. Huge savings can be made by planning appropriately and committing to a deposit.


Fly from airports you definitely have cheap travel to

If the cheapest flight you can book is from an airport miles away from you, maybe consider paying for the more expensive flights from a closer airport. This is more common with London airports as travel costs to and from the airports can become expensive.

Make sure if you can get a lift to the airport that you arrange it well in advance so you don’t end up stuck and needing a costly taxi the night before your flight.


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Check for special offers the city offers

Many cities have a special package deal with which you can pay a set amount to see a wide range of sights or activities, saving huge money overall. The Leisure Pass Group in London offers a range of city pass offers. The London Pass, (obviously a sightseeing pass for London), is a great example. It lets you visit over 80 attractions for one price.

The Copenhagen Card is the Danish equivalent and is a separate card, which will save you big time if you plan on seeing lots of sights. Like Copenhagen, many other cities have their own versions of the card.



These are just a few things you can try, but if you have any advice based on what you’ve done let us know!


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