How different is the cost of travelling in certain countries?

£1 in GBP is 149.86 yen, but does that make it expensive to travel around it or cheap? We take a look at some other countries and see whether they cost a ton or are actually not that bad.

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Here are some exchange rates from XE:

1 GBP = 1.13770 EUR
1 GBP = (Euros)

1 GBP = 1.34435 USD
1 GBP = (US Dollars)

1 GBP = 1.77757 AUD
1 GBP = (Australin Dollar)

1 GBP = 86.6804 INR
1 GBP = (Indian Rupee)

1 GBP = 13.8894 BWP
1 GBP = (Botswana Pula)

1 GBP = 18,205.41 IDR
1 GBP = (Indonesian Rupiah)

1 GBP = 13.4343 VEF
1 GBP = (Venezuelan Bolívar)

1 GBP = 5.30603 TRY
1 GBP = (Turkish Lira)


Numbeo offers a cost of living comparison on their website and it covers the cost of food and drinks in restaurants, food products in markets, transport, clothing shops, and even things more permanent if you were looking to move and live there indefinitely such as rent, gym memberships, childcare etc.

Here’s a breakdown of places that use the currencies above.


European countries tend to be more expensive to travel to and live in. For example, France, Lyon. Consumer prices are 20.80% higher than the UK, restaurant prices are 3.34% higher and groceries prices are 38.53% higher too.

To travel to America you should save up extra cash because consumer prices in places like New York are 49.29% higher, restaurant prices are also higher by 22.44%, and fruit and veg prices are around 86.70% higher too. At least the portion size makes up for it though.

Australia is a mix. In Adelaide for example, consumer prices are higher than in the UK by 20.13% and groceries prices by 44.66%. But restaurant prices are 0.28% lower, which is a small amount but still considered lower.

India has lower restaurant prices of around 81.76% in comparison to the UK in Bikaner, and in Amravati, consumer prices are 66.81% lower.

For the Botswana Pula, consumer prices in cities like Gaborone are 39.85% lower than the UK, along with restaurant prices which are 49.38% lower and groceries prices in Gaborone are 31.07% lower. 

A common place for young people to travel to is Bali in Indonesia, and consumer prices in Bali are around 36.31% lower than the UK – so again, IDR currency is cheaper than GBP. Restaurant prices are 66.90% lower, as well as grocery prices which are 10.82% lower.

In Venezuela, restaurant prices tend to be 25.49% lower than cities in the UK, making it a cheaper cost of living.

In Turkey, restaurant prices in cities such as Alanya are 65.90% lower than in cities in the UK. Similarly, groceries prices in Alanya are 42.90% lower than in the UK. This makes Turkey a relatively cheap place to travel to as there won’t be much spent on food and drink which are the main expenditures other than hostels or Airbnb.



Compare all of these cheaper trips to somewhere in Europe such as Iceland, and everything turns into mega bucks. Consumer prices in cities like Reykjavik are 79.96% higher, restaurant prices are 74.69% higher and groceries prices are higher by an immense 113.85%. So if you don’t want to spend as much money living in a country, check out websites like Numbeo to find out the prices you can expect.




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