7 thoughts you’ll have if you have to leave your dog at home while you travel

1) 3 days to go: It’ll be okay pookie, I’ll see you soon



2) 2 days to go: OMG I love you I already miss you I love you so much I don’t want to leave I love you I’m not ready



3) 1 day to go: Why can’t you just come along in my case



3) 0 days:



4) -1 day: Okay this isn’t so bad, maybe I’ll manage. Nope.



5) -3 days: I miss you pookie I just want a cuddle with my bear



6) -7 days: Mum, dad, send me photos, I need daily updates from now on



7) -14 days: *on FaceTime* Hi mum, hi dad, it’s so great to see you guys! I miss you so much but now show me pookie, show me pookie, omg POOKIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY HI



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