“What do you do when a horse walks into your tent?” – Unexpected encounter with a New Forest Pony: Part I

Hannah Brown, 20, Harwich, England

Part I: The Mugging

“The first unexpected encounter happened a few years ago. My family and I had returned from a day out and were enjoying the afternoon warmth when three New Forest ponies wandered over.

At first, we thought this was wonderful and began reaching for our cameras to document the moment these adorable animals came to visit our tent. However, the circumstances soon changed when one of the ponies decided to walk straight into our tent.

It was a bit of a shock and we didn’t know what to do. What do you do when a horse walks into your tent?

But the pony had a reason for entering, it had smelled our bread. It grabbed the bread bag in its mouth and quickly left the tent. Again we were stunned and we watched as the pony ripped open the bag and started eating our bread.

But the bread wasn’t enough, this pony was on a rampage. It trotted over to the tent next to ours and started biting and tugging on the tent’s fabric. The occupants of the tent weren’t currently inside, so we chased the horse away to stop it from doing any damage.

When we returned to the campsite the next year we saw them again. We had only just driven on to the site when we spotted them. Needless to say, we were very careful about keeping the tent closed up that year whenever the ponies appeared.”



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