“It attempted to kick us with its rear legs” – Unexpected encounter with a New Forest Pony: Part II

Hannah Brown, 20, Harwich, England

Part II: The Breakfast Visitors

“This encounter took place last summer. After our previous experience with the ponies my family and I considered ourselves to be well prepared for any horsey escapades. If a horse came near our tent we would quickly zip up the door before enjoying their company.

And this is exactly what we did when one morning during breakfast a group of ponies wandered over. These ponies were determined to get some food and as they couldn’t get it from our tent, they tried to get it from our plates.

They began chasing us round our tent, reaching for our plates that we were lifting out of their reach. One of the ponies then decided to try a new tactic, it turned around and began attempting to kick us with its rear legs.

They didn’t get our breakfast, but it made for an interesting morning. If you ever do go on holiday to the New Forest (which I do highly recommend), just make sure you keep one eye on your food, and the other on the horses.”




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