That sunrise really is worth getting up early for.

Travel photographer, Lasse Starcke, chats to For Real Travel.

His Instagram, @lascapephoto, is an ode to earthly shots of beautiful locations in the Nordic region, but growing up and living in Denmark, never really being far from the border, it’s quite common for Lasse to leave the country for holidays.

Despite visiting 14 countries with endless opportunities for stunning photography and culture, the 22-year-old’s visit to Scotland has been one of his favourite places to shoot. Well, it’s a toss-up between the Mediterranean and mountains: “My favourite places as of now would probably have to be either Dwejra Bay in Malta or the Cobbler Mountain in Scotland.” Maybe it was to do with having to wear winter clothes for a part of the hike due to very strong and cold winds during his most recent visit to Scotland in early October.



It’s often an afterthought for people within a country to think about its very own beauty, and so for someone from the outside to acknowledge it is a reminder to look closer at what is back home. Lasse believes “people are always attracted to the unfamiliar and perhaps forget about the wonders of right outside their door.” He understands though. “I often felt the same about Denmark – that it’s a bit boring. The fact is though that Denmark attracts tons of tourists because of our nature.

“As for Scotland, it was recently ranked as the most beautiful country in the world by the readers of “Rough Guides”, which is apparently serious enough to be mentioned by The Guardian (See the article here). It’s really just beautiful and diverse.”

“I get up very early at around 4 or 5am depending on the season and the location to catch the sunrise.

You can see this diversity and beauty he talks about through his photos, often taken on solo trips. “Over the span of a year, the majority of my work is done on my own” – which is probably a good thing considering he loves to be up at the crack of dawn. A typical 24 hours on the road allow him to capture a mixture of sunrises, sunsets, mountains, sea and more.

“I get up very early at around 4 or 5am depending on the season and the location to catch the sunrise – even if I’m not intending to photograph it. I experience some mental benefits of getting up early, so I usually get up very early regardless.

“Then I’d usually try to plan out some places I’d like to see or things I’d like to do during the day, so the remaining day would be used for these activities. Then I get to bed early to be ready for next day’s sunrise again.” While it comes easily to him now that it’s his norm, he tries encouraging others to try it. “It’s really just about adjusting slowly. Going to bed 30 minutes earlier, getting up 30 minutes earlier and then continuing the next day and the day after that. You’ll still end up with 7, 8, 9 hours of sleep or whatever you need.

It’s the hardcore dedication like this and the style of his photos that suggest he likes a more peaceful trip, but he actually says he’s more into adventure activities. And museums are not a priority.

“I would never go to a museum for accordions.

Yeah, museums don’t really interest me. I like history and science so if it’s related to that I might go to one, but I would never go to a museum for accordions.” It sounds like the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC is more up his alley.

But he’s never been to North America, and so the question turns to that of money. How can he afford to travel as well as spend on camera equipment? “I have this personal conflict of interests,” he muses. “On one hand, I’m quite cheap and don’t want to waste money, but on the other hand I’m buying the best equipment I can afford whether it’s camera gear, smartphone, speakers or whatever. If I’m satisfied with something, I keep it forever.

“Roughly half of all the photos on my Instagram were shot with my 3.5-year-old phone, a Sony Xperia Z2. The rest was taken with my DSLR camera, a Canon 600D. I don’t even remember how old that is.”

Perhaps that’s due to how photography wasn’t his natural interest. He explains that he has always been more keen on doing videography, but recording and editing videos is too time-consuming. Experimenting with photography was the alternative, and it just caught his attention. From there, his brand has developed and has achieved quite the following.

On Instagram he boasts just over 4,000 followers, consistently hitting hundreds, if not a thousand likes. Take a look at some of his gorgeous shots.



You can find Lasse’s work here:
Insta – @lascapephoto
Facebook – La Scape Photo




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