“Cliff jumping went wrong”

Olivia, 21, Hull, England

“It was our day off from camp, and the Monday group of us went cliff jumping. The idea was you jumped into this area literally next to a waterfall. Then as soon as your head came above the water you grabbed onto the rocks on the side which formed the bottom rock of where you climbed back up to the jumping point.

My friend Vladimir said he’d go before me, so he jumped in and we all assumed he was fine. Then it was my turn, but I started fretting to my friend Beth, who said “Just run and jump as far as you can”. So I did. Only I jumped too far.

It was a thrilling, amazing feeling of adrenaline, but then I hit the water. It felt like I was under for more than 10 seconds, and that’s when I realised I’d jumped too far. When my head came up, I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were still welded shut from the force of hitting the water so hard, but I could still feel myself being taken away by the current in the opposite direction. Naturally I panicked and made the whole situation worse.

The only ‘good’ thing was that I found my friend Vlad, who’d done the same thing I’d done and resurfaced too far away from the rocks we were meant to grab onto. Any attempt to swim into the current was tiring and hopeless. We eventually accepted that we would have to swim further down and walk the long way around, only the water we were swimming in became rocks, and so we had to wade down without slipping or holding onto anything.

It was then that we noticed there was no exit other than another waterfall. Shit.

We were not prepared to die falling down a waterfall, so we had no choice but to swim towards the current. By now, our friend Niv had jumped off the cliff because the group hadn’t heard from us for a while, and so began the rescue mission.

The three of us had to grab onto every single crevice in the rocks and pull ourselves along. I’ve never felt so much aching in my legs. As we’re slowly but surely making the first bit of progress along this line of wet rock, I hear a scream and a second later just see a massive splash directly after the waterfall.

Beth had fallen down the waterfall.

She had a massive cut on her inner thigh after it as well, so the fourth person was added to our rescue line. You’d think that was enough drama, but to top it off, our friend Sasha, in trying to look for Beth did the exact thing she did and fell down the waterfall too. So the five of us were crawling along, pulling each other into the current on these rocks to then climb up them rocks to safety.

I swear we were down there for over an hour, but somehow we managed it. It was the most traumatic thing I’ve experienced, and at one point us three girls were convinced this was how we were going to die. It was cold and scary. Amazing but scary.”




Post Author: Olivia

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