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This one time she rode a camel – here’s more about Hannah Brown.


Age: 20

Where from: Harwich (It’s a small town in Essex).

How old were you when you first left the country: 13

How many countries travelled: 5

Favourite place/country: Cologne.

Why? Because it was the first trip I went on without an adult (by that I mean a parent or teacher). I went with my boyfriend and it was only for a few days, but it felt like a proper adventure. Cologne is also a very beautiful place to visit with many different sights to see. It was an absolutely amazing trip.

Next trip? I have no idea.

Bucket list? I really want to go to Disneyland, because I am a massive Disney fan and I would love the opportunity to pretend I live in the Disney world (and I really want the Mickey Mouse ears). I also would love to go to Italy, because all the pictures I’ve seen of the country look beautiful and it seems like an interesting place to travel round. There are other places I would like to visit, but those are the two that are top of my list.

What stops you from travelling? Money would always be an issue, because until I have graduated university and have a full-time job, I’m on a budget, which means I can’t go jetting of eternally. Also confidence is an issue for me. I didn’t do a lot of travelling when I was younger, so the prospect of going abroad intimidates me. I’m lucky that I have my boyfriend to go places with me, because I don’t think I’d have the confidence to travel alone.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? This will probably seem quite boring to some, but for me the best food I’ve eaten on holiday is the cornish pasty. Cornwall is a beautiful place to visit and I’ve had some amazing holidays there. The cornish pasty is amazing, there are many different fillings, so there’s something for everyone and you could eat it every day of the holiday and not get sick of it (obviously eat some other food as well). The only place you can get a decent cornish pasty is in Cornwall, so it is a food that I only have if I’m on holiday there.

No. 1 road-trip song? I don’t really have one song for every road trip, but when I went with the Guides to Morocco we played the song Africa by Shakira so many times. I loved singing along to it with my friends on the mini bus, as we drove through rural Morocco.









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