What can I do with my travel photos?

You go away and have the time of your life, come back to reality and look through all your travel photos once – maybe twice if you upload them to Facebook. But what can you do after that? Here are ways to ensure you never forget about them.


Hang them on a “washing line”

You see it all the time with uni students or bloggers who have cute fairy lights intertwining with their photos which hang on a line above their bed or on an opposite wall. Pin the line up or blu tack it on a wall and start adding your favourite travel pictures. You’ll always have them in front of you and they can always be appreciated. A washing line will be a reminder of all the amazing, beautiful places you’ve been to when you’re stuck in a rut of university lives and work.




Create a wall of frames

If most of the photos you want to print off are on your phone, use an app such as Free Prints to get 85 free prints per month and pay for postage and packing.

With frames, you can strategically present a sequence of images. Whether you want to show landscapes of the most stunning places you visited, or simply any photo from one trip in particular or even a sequence of photos from a moment shared with friends.

Either way, you can colour coordinate with the interior design of your living room or bedroom and really be creative. The frames could be in a grid, a wave, or a heart etc. There are endless ways of presenting your photos in a more ‘adult’ way than a simple washing line with blu tack.





Use a map

Websites such as Etsy or Ebay sell large blow up wall stickers of the world map. You could stick the photos which have the best memories onto the world map so it correlates to the destination the photo was taken. You could even incorporate the “washing line” feature into the sticker.





Make a scrapbook

Old school, we know, but they’re so satisfying to flick through. Unlike with a photo album, a scrapbook lets you add quotes, write and make comments alongside photos, change angles, add things you’ve collected throughout your travels etc. It’s one of those things that you’ll look back on in 10 years time and reminisce about how amazing the trip was and how glad you are you made it.





Personalise with a pic

You can personalise anything nowadays, so why not start with a case. Personalisation works well as a gift too, with phone cases, iPad cases, mugs etc. You can be creative so that every time you or whoever receives the gift looks at some of the happiest memories, they will never forget the fun of travelling.





Start an Instagram account

Hey you never know, you might start getting fans. What better way to put all of your photos in one place than the grid?


Do you have any other ideas for what to do with all your travel photos?









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I'm from Yorkshire in England so you can imagine I love drinking well-brewed tea. Lots of tea. I also love to travel and have adventures, while taking photos to capture the moment.

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