7 cool Instagrammers under 5k followers you should be following

You see it all the time on Instagram; some amazing photos that just look too good to be true. They’ve been heavily photoshopped and the person behind the account has over 100k followers so you don’t know how these photos came to pass, as amazing as they are. We’ve found some Instagrammers who take a mean photo but their followers aren’t unattainable.f


1) Wandererandtraveller

Meet Jessica Mills, a third year tourism student. She blogs about travel on the same domain and documents her life as she enters the tourism and hospitality world. Take a read of some of her blogs here. If you’re ever in need of a de-stress, have a scroll through Jessica’s Instagram for a look at some fantastic photos and a calming theme.




2) Travelogged_je

Boyfriend and girlfriend Josh and Ellie are travelling together and documenting each day as it comes. Each day, they post a photo and say where they are and what they’re doing, accompanied by a quote. It is filled with active adventures mixed with beautiful scenery to make a perfect Instagram travel feed.




3) Riishere

This girl has been all over and she’s a student. She’s found the way to do it on a student budget! Whoever she is, she explores the world through her travel photography, and her passion for travel is expressed in these photos. Check out the one of Sagrada Família in Barcelona.




4) Thensowhat

Ann tackles life on the road through her photos. From photos of her and her friends exploring, to them eating, to pieces of art – this dark themed Instagram has it all. With just over 4,000 people who already love her work, it’s clear she has a solid following behind her and it will only expand.




5) Casielynn18

Cassandra Van Der Weide from the USA takes you with her on her travels. One day she’s in London, the next it’s Portugal. Her feed is a mixture of people and places, but in each photo there is something going on. It’s colourful, it’s exciting, it’s inspiring – so take a look and join Cassandra for yourself.




6) Somtoseeks

Now we won’t lie, we thought every one of her photos was an advert, they’re that good. This girl’s feed is different to the rest in that most of her photos are of her, meaning she probably didn’t take them – but still. We’re keeping her on this list because her Insta gives us too much joy to keep to ourselves. Take in the vibrant colours, they take you back to the summer and make you want to relive it all. She’s an American travel writer and solo nomad who uses her photos to satisfy her wanderlust, and we can safely say she’s inspired ours!





Matt Barnes says his photography is just a hobby, but his shots are on another level. He travels around and has the photos to show for it. It’s another mixture of people and places, but neither is better than the other due to his eye for detail. Some of his night time photography is the best from somebody who does it as a ‘hobby’.



Who are you following on Instagram? Can you recommend anyone to us?








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