“Where’s Waddy?!”

Niall, 21, Halifax, England

This story isn’t something that happened to me, but something I witnessed. So on the day we were leaving Magaluf, we were waiting for the coach when we saw somebody getting dragged off by the police. We just kept our distance.

Then when we got on the coach, we ended up sat with this group of lads who were proper loud and shouting about how they’ve been smashing up the hotel before they left. As the coach pulls away and leaves, they realise that one of them isn’t there and start yelling ‘SHIT, WHERE’S WADDY?”

It turned out that Waddy is the guy we’d seen earlier who got arrested, for what must have been smashing up the hotel. So all the lads on the coach with us all start trying to phone around and get the full story of what happened to him, and at one point one of them was like ‘well at least we’ve put his suitcase on’. So at least we know they were attentive about one thing.

Eventually we found out from them that Waddy was dragged away, smacked around a bit, fined and let go and the hotel had put him in a taxi to the airport, but they still didn’t know if he was going to make the flight or not. Their flight was in an hour so he didn’t have long.

Anyway me and my friends went our own way and figured we’d never see them again with the mystery remaining unsolved, but when we board the flight and sit down, we see this group of lads all start walking down the aisle. Somebody else onboard who was from the coach, not even in their party, asked if Waddy had made it and suddenly from the back of the queue this boy bursts out and goes “Course I made it!”

Everybody who had been on the coach just started cheering on the aircraft. Funniest thing ever.”


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