“I was trapped in a lazy river”

Olivia, 21, Hull, England

“On a family holiday to America in 2008, we went to a water park and that’s where I fell in love with the lazy river system. It was amazing! Several parts of it were indeed ‘lazy’, and you could just lay on your rubber ring and float nicely. That’s what my mum did. My dad, sister and I however, wanted to step it up a notch and took on the more ‘rapid’ of the lazy rivers. It was here my error occured.

We went round once and it was the most fun I’d had in the day. It was like a battle between us of who could get round the river the quickest. Obviously, I won the first time around and it was a stunning victory, but even just that one time round was pretty tiring and the three of us were knackered. We decided that we would exit the rapid river and go back to see mum. But I got carried away.
Literally. Carried. Away.

I fell prey to the quick speed of the rapids and the river took me away again. I remember my arms flailed trying to grab onto a rock, managing to grab onto one of the last areas on the side. Now, bearing in mind I was only young and didn’t have muscle, I did well to hold on for as long as I did. But then I lost my grip before my dad could get to me and got taken around again.

I was all alone being dragged around by water and I was scared. By the time I’d made it back around I was freaking the hell out. I was panicking, and so didn’t notice I’d come back round to the exit until I heard the screams of my dad and sister – but it was too late. I went round AGAIN. It was quite an ordeal.”



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