“We bought the wrong bus tickets”

Mikey, 21, Manchester, England

“It was the same night I had some glorious ribs in New Jersey. We were in the hotel and Fernando, my friend from camp, had fallen asleep on the couch watching the telly. He was like a baby how one minute he was just talking and than fast asleep.

Anyway, we had to book the tickets for the bus to Washington DC for the next morning, so our other friend went and found some at a reasonable price. She got me to check them and we were both happy so she booked them.

We got to the bus station the next day, loaded our luggage onboard and tried to scan out tickets, only for it not to work.

It turned out the tickets were actually for 5 days time. My friend who found and booked them was so upset, and she rang the company to try to sort something out in a panic.

In the end we managed to get tickets for that same day, but we had to wait around in the bus station for a whole 7 hours because our luggage was too heavy to take anywhere else while we waited.

We got to DC for 10pm that night and arrived at the hotel for nearly 11pm while worrying that we wouldn’t be able to get checked in.

We laugh about it now though, and it taught us to always double-check the dates and times of bookings.”


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