“We got stranded by our train”

Mikey, 21, Manchester, England

“Last year when I was travelling in New York, we left a restaurant in Times Square at midnight trying to get a subway back to where we were staying. We were staying at a place in Brooklyn but quite close to JFK so only like a 30 minute subway ride.

We got on our train, but it stopped after one stop. Apparently, our train service wasn’t working that night. We had no idea what was happening or what to do so we asked someone what the hell was going on. They said to get the number 4 service, so we did. Only, we got on at that service and it stopped way before our stop. So again, we had no idea what was happening.

To top it off, my phone had no battery power left and the people I was with didn’t have the best phones for accessing the internet. Two hours later, after being stranded and considering a taxi or getting a last minute hotel, someone told us that the nuber 4 trains’ journey had been extended so it actually would take us to where we needed.

It was real scary because after getting to the neighbourhood, we had a 5 to 10 minute walk in a not so great area at like 2.45am.”



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