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She loves her photography and takes a camera with her wherever she goes, even to a maccies – here’s more about Mária Karľaková.


Age: 26

Where from: Bratislava, Slovakia

How old were you when you first left the country: The first time when I left the country was with my parents. We had family holidays almost every summer, or I went on some trips with school or with my handball team. But my first alone trip was when I travelled to Ukraine by bus, and I’m not sure if I can count it like a solo trip to another country because from my city it was only 2-3 hours by bus.

I think that my first ‘big’ trip and first time when I flew alone was at university when I traveled with my friend to Poland, Gdansk. I wasn’t too much younger than I am now, it was at the beginning 2015.

How many countries travelled: About 12 if you’re counting the USA just as one.

Favourite place/country: Hey I don’t have favourite country, it’s hard choose just one.

Why? Really everywhere is something that gets my heart so I can’t possibly choose. When I swam naked in Sardegna in February under the rain , it was really coooooold but so lovely… just because I was there and could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. A lot of people asked me when I travelled across the USA with my friend, “what is my favourite place?”

But how can you choose between Miami, San Francisco,New York or Las Vegas and more? You can’t.

Every city is different, different architecture, people, weather and so there are different memories. It’s hard to explain, but just see from a little smile anyone gets when you feel free. It’s like first time of falling in love.

Next trip? I don’t know what will be my trip for the next month, we need to see if we will have money for food because sometimes shit happens. We bought cheap flight tickets to the Philippines in February so let’s see. I still don’t have a flight ticket home from Madrid, so maybe on the road home I will go to Barcelona, Budapest and then afterwards home.

Bucket list? Hmm I wouldn’t say I have a bucket list, but I do want to visit Barcelona, Azores, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, Mongolia, Japan and maaaybe one time Africa, Madagascar, New Zealand and Canada? I want to go everywhere! And Paris!!

What stops you from travelling? When I was younger (about 16 or 17 years old), I remember that I saw a flight ticket from Budapest to Paris for the rate of 25czk to 1 euro. It was crazy, I was crazy, I wanted my friends go with me but no one wanted to. So I stayed home too.

I still think that it was a mistake and I should have gone. Or maybe not because I don’t speak French and my English at this time was just ‘Hello’ and ‘Bye’. But now it is not a problem for me, I have been to the USA twice alone and even thought I was scared, it was my best decision ever.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? Hmm Coxinha from Rio!

No. 1 road-trip song? If you are going to San Francisco your no 1. songs must be by Scott McKenzie… When you are in a hostel room in Madrid you must play traditional spanish music – even if your friend is looking at you like “what are you doing?!” But my favourite road-trip song is probably Eddie Vedder and his album Into the Wild.




You can see more of Mária‘s work here:
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