“It was THE worst chat up line ever”

Carla, 21, Barton-upon-Humber, England

“While I was in Munich, I was in the city centre with some friends and we’d just stopped by an U-Bahn station when some guys approached us randomly. An U-Bahn is a transit railway.

It was weird because it was just one of them in particular doing all the talking, the others didn’t want to be there. So this one guy just started talking to us and it was so obvious that he was desperately trying to chat my friend up but she had no interest in him.

He proper made a fool of himself though by going in with the opening line of “So, what are you drinking?”

It was clearer than anything that my friend was holding a can of san pellegrino, so it was the most ridiculous chat up line! I couldn’t stop laughing!”


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