“I was 11 and got lost skiing in France”

Maria, 22, Hull, England

“I was in year 6, so this was before I had a mobile phone, and we were skiing in France with my dad and his partner.

My brother and I liked to find the little sections within the trees that would be a bit more of a challenge as they more often than not had some different bumps and turns etc. We went down one track and our dad said he would meet us further down where we thought the track re-emerged. But it didn’t.

We didn’t know where we were, so ended up taking off our skis and walking back up the track and then skiing as fast as we could to the bottom of the slopes on the more common track. As I didn’t have a phone, I couldn’t contact my dad and let him know where we were or what had happened.

We still couldn’t find the bottom, so we walked back to our chalet and borrowed my dad’s partner’s phone and let him know we were safe. I don’t think I have ever been more scared in my life and at just 11 years old, it was quite traumatic.”






Post Author: Olivia

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