“I accidentally once ordered a completely raw steak in Bologna”

Andrew, 21, Burnley, England

“Me and my family were spending a few days in Bologna, Italy, and it was our last night so we went out for a meal.

Most places we found were closed but we eventually got to this expensive looking European restaurant, sat down and had a look at the menu. We’d spent all day on our feet so I was in the mood for a steak or a burger or something, which I figured this place wouldn’t do, but right at the end of the menu there was a steak with triple-cooked chips (I guess they had to make chips seem fancy somehow).

I was too excited to read much past the word steak, but if I had I’d have seen the word ‘tartare’ immediately after. Unlike any steak I’ve ever had, steak tartare is raw beef served cold with a bit of seasoning.

I waited 20 minutes for it to arrive and when it did I figured the waiters had made a mistake and delivered it to the wrong table because it was not what I expected. They assured me it was definitely for me so I hesitantly took a bite.

It was very cold and raw but I loved it.

Funnily enough, I’d always wanted to try a raw steak but didn’t want to risk it in cas it tastes grim. My daft mistake meant I got to tick it off from my food bucket list though, so all’s well that ends well.”


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