11 Questions

At university, his biggest achievement was beating his friend at a pool tournament – let’s hear more about Andrew Shaw.


Age: 21

Where from: Burnley, England.

How old were you when you first left the country: Not sure, I’ll say around 12 to 18 months.

How many countries travelled: 14

Favourite place/country: It’s got to be either China or Italy.

Why? China was really different to anywhere I’ve ever been and full of amazing sights like the forbidden palace, and Italy has the best food and I have family over there so it’s always nice to see them and have an excuse to get away from England.

Next trip? I’m not sure, hopefully America.

Bucket list? Yep, it’s mostly things that aren’t exactly ‘typical’ bucket list things, but I would also like to go to every continent, see all the wonders of the world and visit Hong Kong and Moscow.

What stops you from travelling? Definitely a lack of money.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? Hmm, probably the ice cream in Italy. It’s the best in the world so don’t come at me with your Ben and bloody Jerries.

No. 1 road-trip song? Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.




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