So what if you don’t want to backpack?

We’ve got you covered.

Look at travel companies.

STA Travel has been around since 1979 after two young students had just returned from their travels. They were inspired by the world around them, the people they met and what they’d seen, that they strived to bring affordable flights and worldly adventures to other students, young people and explorers. People just. like. you.

It offers tours, trips around the world, helps planning a gap year, information about transport, as well as student/youth exclusive deals on flights to help cheapen the cost of your trip. You can meet people of a similar age to you, and people who want to travel. The worst thing is when you have friends you have to convince to go with you, rather than those who just want to.

Its top 10 budget trips are to places like Morocco and India for 8 days from £433 and from £407, so it’s well worth a peruse of their website for your first dream trip. If you’re scared to travel alone but want to start your adventure all over the world, travel companies are the way to go for help with organisation, places to go and people to meet. Check out the video below.



Volunteer abroad.

You could go help build a school in Africa, an orphanage in Vietnam, or maybe an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

There are many different volunteer travel projects across many areas; sports coaching, community projects, animal sanctuaries, marine conservation and rainforest conservation are just a few ideas. Volunteering abroad in your area of study would also look great on a CV.

Whether you want to volunteer for a week, two weeks or longer, its one of the most rewarding ways to travel you will experience.


Summer camps.

Most common in America, you’ll find thousands of summer camps at your fingertips. You just have to go through an organisation who can get you there. Think Camp Leaders, AmeriCamp, Camp America, CCUSA; all of which offer a variety of services to help you get over there for the most memorable 3 months of your life.

Whether you work as a counsellor, as support staff, maintenance or even as leadership staff – you’ll be working with kids. They test your patience, your skills and your kindness, but it is for sure one of the most rewarding ways to travel. You’ll meet people who you’ll be friends for life with, despite only being together for a few months.

This is because you go through so much together, in such a short space of time, and it’s intense at times. But all of these factors bring you close, and the whole camp becomes one massive family. As long as you’re prepared to put in the work and hours, you’ll have an amazing summer.


Visit friends or relatives.

What’s better than going out to a country where you know someone, having that person as your personal tour guide AND staying for free at their place. If you travel this way, the only slightly major cost of the trip would be the flight ticket. Even then, if you check out our Budget Travel Board and Pins you can find helpful hints and tricks on how to save money for this kind of thing.

Another perk of this type of travel is that with no accommodation spends, you can stay longer and see more things. The chances that your friend or a family member has lived there for a while means they’re likely to be a local, which means more cultural experience. You’ll get to experience things first-hand through someone you know and feel comfortable with.

It’s throwing yourself into the big wide world, with that safety cushion of knowing that someone is there with you and knows you. While this could be a fantastic opportunity, it might limit your freedom. So as long as you’re okay with spending all your time with one group, then you’re onto a winner.



Similar to volunteering abroad, except you get paid to go teach and travel. Best of both worlds, right?

Have a look at organisations such as TEFL which offer internships that “make teaching abroad fuss-free, letting you focus on the fun”. You can use your skills to teach English to children in places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and Spain.

It’s also a great chance to meet people. It won’t be easy, but it can open up a whole new world of earning money abroad, including numerous jobs online. It’s allowed some people to become travel bloggers – have a read of this article for some inspiration.




Are you thinking of alternatives to backpacking? If so, get in touch and let us know what your plans are!



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