“My sister and I nearly drowned”

Maria, 21, Hull, England

“My sister, Bella, and I nearly drowned at Prassonissi in Rhodes when we were about 9.

The sea was the roughest we’d been in the whole holiday, but we were strong swimmers and on teams so we thought we’d be okay.

There were really large waves but we could manage with them when we were in a place where we could touch the bottom and were closer to the beach. But because we were playing out a bit further, our feet weren’t touching the seabed and it led to us drifting out with the current, getting dragged out by the tide.

We then both realised we couldn’t swim properly anymore and the waves were just towering over us.

It ended up with us just having to try as hard as possibe to swim back into the current. The waves were crashing over us so it was actually really hard to breathe. It sounds dramatic now but we were only young at the time so it was really scary!”


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