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He’s currently a masters student so currently has no social life – here’s more about Liam Phillips.


Age: 21

Where from: Birmingham, England.

How old were you when you first left the country: 9 I believe!

How many countries travelled: About 5 countries in total.

Favourite place/country: Lanzarote.

Why? I just really liked the hotel I stayed at, and the beach by me was really nice.

Next trip? I’m not sure, somewhere in Europe probably but don’t have a clue yet.

Bucket list? Yes! I want to go to America, go on a cruise and also go to Australia.

What stops you from travelling? It’s purely a lack of money and time at the minute as I’m a masters student, so I’m just constantly busy. There’s always something to do so I don’t have chance to go anywhere.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? I got a tandoori kebab in a restaurant in Turkey that was really nice.

No. 1 road-trip song? I can’t properly think of anything off the top of my head, but I’ll say Oasis, Roll with it.




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