“I got hospitalised in Zante”

Liam, 21, Birmingham, England

“I got hospitalised on holiday in Zante, so that wasn’t great.

I still don’t actually know what happened, but I think I had alcohol poisoning or my drink maybe got spiked because it was just horrendous. Yeah it really sucked.

We’d been out drinking but I felt fine until I got back to our hotel, and then I just couldn’t stop throwing up for like 24 hours. It got worse and I went really light-headed, so I got taken to the doctors.

Next think, I woke up attached to a drip. I think I was that bad due to throwing up to the point where I literally had nothing left in me. Sorry, that was gross.

I couldn’t eat for 48 hours being in the hospital, so I was just really weak for ages. It wasn’t pleasant.”


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