“We let some randomer hide with us in LA”

Douglas, 22, Hertfordshire, England

“When I was on a school trip in Year 11 to LA, we came across a man who was just so weird, I’ve never met anyone like him. And I don’t even remember the teachers being around at this point.

Anyway, he came up to us and asked if he could hide with us until we got on the coach to the airport.

He was actually really charming and didn’t seem dangerous at al, so everyone was like okay, yeah, sure? He left us some time later.

However, for some reason, our transport was delayed for quite a while before we could set off. So we all walked to the mall down the road where we had about an hour to kill while the coach got sorted.

When we got there, we saw this same weird man getting chased by the police and then he was arrested. It was quite a bizarre thing to witness really.”


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