“So first of all there was the night I possibly broke my hand…”

Niall, 21, Halifax, England

“It was a standard night out on the Magnum strip. We’d gotten drunk and had had a good night, and then on the walk back to the hotel, we go down a road that has loads of those arcade punching machine games.

Of course it seemed like a great idea at the time so I put in a Euro and line up my shot.

Unfortunately, being inebriated and all that, my aim was a little off so as I go to punch the target bag, I graze the bottom of the bag and smash my fist into the back of the machine at full force. Like you know it’s bad when you’re drunk and you can still feel the pain. So I detected it was not good.

Anyway, I decided to sleep on it, but im the morning it was killing so I went down to the doctors place next to our hotel to get it checked out, however, it turned out that my insurance didn’t cover check-ups and I was told it would cost about €150 to get seen to.

Long story short, it didn’t seem worth it to me so I went and bought some bandages and got it wrapped up. Then I picked up my drink and the bevs continued.”

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I'm from Yorkshire in England so you can imagine I love drinking well-brewed tea. Lots of tea. I also love to travel and have adventures, while taking photos to capture the moment.

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