“My dad and sister went to a volcano in Tenerife and the coach left them there”

Emma, 21, Hull, England

“My dad and sister decided to go on a trip with the hotel we were staying at to see a volcano. On the day of the trip, they got on the coach and it took them to a higher level from where they could get cable cars up to the volcano.

The travel lady said the coach would leave the site half an hour after the last cable car, so my dad and sister got in one straight away to the top to have a look around and make the most of the time they had.

After exploring the volcano and looking at the views for a while, they thought they had better head back down to meet the coach. As they travelled down in the cable car, they saw the coach drive away without them in it, helpless to stop it and stranded at the site of this volcano.

With no mobile phones and the inability to speak Spanish, they didn’t know what to do.

After much negotiation, they managed to secure a taxi with another stranded family for €120. Meanwhile, me and my mum had been shopping for the whole day and were relaxing by the pool thinking they had been quite a while.”



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