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She left England for a month to go find herself in Thailand and Bali – let’s learn a little more about Jess Reay.


Age: 22

Where from: Northumberland.

How old were you when you first left the country: I was probably about 3 or 4.

How many countries travelled: I have been to probably no more than 10.

Favourite place/country: Probably Thailand.

Why? Because it’s stunning! The people are just so beautiful and friendly, very respectful towards women and would do anything to help. Culturally it is stunning, being mainly a Buddist country it is covered in temples which are amazing to see.

Next trip? I have no clue! Maybe I’ll go to Vietnam next summer.

Bucket list? I don’t really have a bucket list anymore as I have done Thailand and Bali, but at some point, I’ll probably aim for Thailand again and India, so they can be on my list for now.

What stops you from travelling? There are a lot of things stopping me from travelling; money is a big issue and being on my own, but it got to the point where I couldn’t hang around waiting for people so I just had to go and do it on my own.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? The best food has probably been the fresh grilled seafood you can get on cute little beach restaurants. The Thailand corner shops called 7/11 are lifesavers, they are open 24/7 and they have toasties which are amazing after a night out.

No. 1 road-trip song? All I have been hearing while I have been out in Thailand and Bali is Despasito by Justin Bieber so probably I’ll go with that.




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